6 months in London, what a success!


Hello dear readers,

It has been a while since I posted my last blog, sorry for that!
Last couple of months were great! Study was hitting of, had great time exploring London with great new friends and I had the pleasure to expand my business network.

Recently I finished the first semester of my MBA by writing essays on issues regarding corporate finance, operations management and marketing. I enjoyed challenging myself in these essays by looking into the competitiveness within the global spirits industry, a fundamental analysis of the financial performance in the car industry and my personal favourite: The long-term effect of millennials on the workplace and corporate strategic objectives.

As I am now in my break between semesters, the next challenge awaits!
Starting this week, I will support the COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe) by supporting their research on the upcoming British referendum about a possible Brexit. This research will focus on possible effects of a Brexit on international trade and trade between the UK and the EU. The COBCOE is responsible for representing and stimulating international trade between the EU and UK and represents the interests of over 40 chambers of commerce and business associations and over 8.000 business members.

I am looking forward to look into the current discussion about the Brexit. I am passionate about approaching this topic from a business perspective and how businesses are dealing with this situation from a strategic level. In the next period I will attend various kinds of events, discussions and forums to learn and share information about this topic. I attended the first event on last Monday when I had the honour to be invited to the International Trade discussion of the Essex Chamber of Commerce in the House of Commons at Westminster!! Another event I attended, was organised by the Young Professional Network of the COBCOE and was focussing on the potential of a Brexit and the effect on the future of young professionals in the United Kingdom.

Are you struggling with the discussion about the Brexit or do you fancy a discussion about the Brexit? I am keen to hear your opinion about it!

Well thanks again for reading!


The Importance of Studying Abroad

Hello dear readers,

How have you been? Sorry if you have been missing new posts on my blog…
I have been really busy with studying, making friends, looking for business opportunities and just having a great time here in London.

With Christmas on our doorstep (and Sinterklaas already back to Spain..gheghe) the year is almost coming to his end.

Time flies, especially when you are living in The City.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Study-Globe, a company which supports students going abroad. Located in my favorite city of The Netherlands, Breda.
Study-Globe helped me with finding my study abroad, all for free and based on the vision of the European Union to stimulate students to live and study in different cultures. Study-Globe also provides language courses if you want to study a new language in a country far, far away.

I hope you lovely readers will like this co-written post and just pop-in the office of Study-Globe if you are interested in a adventure with career perspective!


A guest blog from Study-Globe

Nowadays it is important to stand out when you are applying for a job. There are so many students and future employees who are highly educated and have done internships to gain experience, that it is hard to be that one special candidate a company wants to hire. So how does one stand compared to all the others?

Of course students can start by participating in extracurricular activities, such as joining an honours programme, or being an active member of a student association. Those are serious activities that show you make the most out of your education and look great on your resume! When you really want to go that extra mile during or after your studies you can always consider going abroad.

There are a lot of things you can go abroad for during or after school. For example, a lot of studies give students the opportunity to go abroad for an internship. This way they get the best of both worlds, the students gain experience in the work field they desire to have a career in and they experience a new culture and country. Also,
you learn a lot of other skills when going abroad; you’ll learn to be independent, to take risks and maybe even learn a new language. These skills will make a future employer feel like they want you to be a part of their company.

Next to doing an internship, you can also take part in a language course. A language is best learned in an environment where it is the main language, so when you really want to up your game in a certain language you must go abroad! Having knowledge of multiple languages is not only fun and convenient for yourself, it also comes in handy when wanting to work in international companies. There are a lot of businesses who work with partners all over the world, mostly in English. So if you’re not confident about your English or just want to really improve the language, you can consider an English course in e.g. England, South-Africa or Malta. But also the languages German, Spanish or even Chinese can help you in the international business world.

Lastly, it is also an amazing idea to go study abroad. You can do your minor abroad or choose to do a complete bachelor’s or master’s study in another country. There are a lot of different study options so almost anyone can take on the chance to go study abroad. Especially when you are into economics and/or business studies it is very useful to (partially) study abroad, because of the global aspect in the industry. Not only will you learn a lot from the study itself, you will get to meet and interact with students from all over the world. Getting to know all these different cultures can come in handy in your career in global business. Even more, you can really get some networking done during your study abroad.

Business schools in countries like England, the United States or even Dubai focus a lot more on real world experience and networking than educational facilities in the Netherlands do. Use this to your advantage! Especially when you are doing a complete study abroad you can use that networking with international companies to find an impressive internship as well. For students who don’t want to commit to doing long period
s of time abroad, there is also the option to do one or multiple short masterclasses abroad (those often take up just a few days but do look good on your resume) or take online classes from a foreign school.

Whenever students think about going abroad for any kind of reason, we really want to encourage them to go. Not only is it good for your future career, it will definitely be an amazing personal experience as well. Study-Globe can help you make your dreams come true and wants to advise you in the best way possible, so please visit our website when you want to take part in an adventure abroad. Of course we alsowish Jacco all the best during his further study in London!


Kind regards,
The Study-Globe team

Study, study, study…

Hello dear reader628x-1s, welcome back on my blog!

At the end of September I started the MBA Global programme at the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) here in London. This study programme will lead to the Master’s degree: Master of Business Administration.
My campus, is based next to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

The LSBF is a business school that combines career focused academic research with a truly international experience and has campuses in the UK, Asia and North America. Teachers and class mates have a diverse background and are from all over the world, which give you insights in different point of views and cultures. The school is really focused to stimulate students for leadership, excellence and success.

My study programme, the MBA Global, will take for 1,5 year including the dissertation and consists of 4 core modules and 2 electives.

The core modules are ‘Accounting & Managerial Finance’, ‘Marketing & Business Environment’, ‘Strategic Management & Leadership’ and ‘Systems & Operations Management’.

‘Accounting & Managerial Finance’  is all about corporate finance and managing financial risks. To finish this course I need to make an assessment which is an written individual assignment (approx. 3500 words) which is about analyzing potential short-term and long-term financial decisions of several company’s which are listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The module ‘Marketing & Business Environment’ provides the impact of contemporary issues on the development and implementation of marketing strategy and internationalisation of business. The module will be assessed by a written individual assignment (approx. 4500 words) in which I need to evaluate and redevelop a current marketing strategy of a Top 500-listed company to make the company more competitive and secure company growth.

‘Systems & Operations Management’ is all about managing the input, transformation and output processes in a competitive, cost effective and efficient manner. This module contains topics as ‘Operations Strategy’, ‘Quality and Performance’, ‘Supply Chain Management’ and ‘Lean Management’. The assessment will be a written assignment (approx. 4500 words) in which I need to develop a proposal to overcome certain problems within the operations management of a company.

The last core module is ‘Strategic Management and ‘Leadership’ is focused on the nature of strategic decision making, management and leadership in the increasingly competitive and globalized business environment. Not only it contains the understanding of the decision-making in challenging situations, but also the study of the necessary soft skills that are needed to lead the company in his strategic direction.

My first semester started in September and will continue till the end of February.
I have class 4 days a week, one module a day for 4,5 hours. When my class starts at 10.00 am, I will be finished around 14.30. The time schedule changes a lot, so sometimes you will have class till 19.00.
Like I am used to in The Netherlands, here in London you need to prepare yourself for class properly. So at home (or in the library) you read about your topics, read academic papers and journals and in class these topics will be discussed in class by the teacher and with your class mates.

The most challenging aspect of the MBA is the international aspect. All my class mates are from different countries and have different native languages. People are from Turkey, France, Italy, Finland, Germany or from many different countries. It’s really challenging to discuss study (or current politics and economy) topics with all those different point of views and experiences.
However the final assignments are individual, there are moments when teamwork is necessary. Working with different cultures can be difficult due to communication problems. Somebody can have an awful accent or just don’t know the words to express himself. But those are problems you can overcome and when the team is ambitious and willing to put a lot of effort in the work, you can really learn a lot from all the different point of views and the discussions.

Maybe you lovely readers noticed it already, but I love this experience and I am really eager to learn so much more!
I think this experience will benefit me on the long run and I am proud to be here.

Thank you for reading!



Setting up the basics

Hello dear readers,lgPP32476

It has been a while since my last post, sorry for that! I lost track of time while I experienced London and started studying at my university. In this post I will try to catch up.

Because I’ll be staying in London for a long time, there are 2 basics that are very important to have.

First, an Oystercard. I hear you thinking “Whuuut?! U need a special card to buy oysters?!”No, you are wrong. An Oystercard is a card which you can use for public transport. It’s the same like the Dutch “OV-Kaart”. You can put some money on this card to pay-as-you-go (they call it ‘ top-up’ ) or you can buy a travelcard. 

As a student you can apply for a special Oystercard with student discount.
To apply for the student discount on your Oystercard, you need to fill out a form on the website of Transport for London. After you filled in the form, TfL (Transport for London) will contact your university to approve your application. Sounds easy isn’t?
Well in my case, the approval period took four weeks! For unclear reasons this administrative process took for ever at my university. After I made several enquiries regarding my Oystercard, my application was finaly approved!

I had the same struggle for the second basic, opening a bank account. You must have in mind, that banks (especially in the UK) have undertaken a lot of changes regarding regulations. So when opening a bank account in the UK, you need to have proof of address, ID, university, etc. To gather the information and to apply online for a bank account is very easy. You just fill out a form and the bank will look in to it. But banks need a couple of weeks to investigate your application before they can approve it.

It took me 3,5 weeks before I received my approval and it took me another 2 weeks to receive my bank account information.

But, after more then a month, I finally have my bank account!

It took me some time and struggles to get my basic needs here in London, but this gave me a good view on ‘how things work’ here in the UK. I think patience is the keyword and taking initiative is the magic dust to get things done here in London.

Thank you for reading my post, the next time I will tell you more about my study programme and my experiences on my university.



Prepare yourself for London!

Hello dear viewers,

The most of you are planning to visit London in the future to spend your holiday, to study or for business purposes.
Some of you are dreaming of a life and a career here in London.

Well, to all of you I can say: You will love London, but beware!
You can easily drown in the crowds of people, get lost in the tube or lose yourself in the London way of life.

But besides that, London is an amazing city and one of the best cities in the world to enjoy food, culture, education, arts, and a lot of other interesting stuff and places!

London is one of the world cultural capitals (alongside New York, Paris and Tokyo) and has a history for over 2000 years!  To make you aware of the size and importance of this city here are some facts about London:

  • London (or Greater London) consists of 32 boroughs and one city: the City of London.
  • The boroughs (like City of Westminister) within Greater London are governed by the Greater London Authority and the elected Mayor of London, currently Ben Johnson.
  • The City of London (known for the financial district) has his own authority, namely The City of London Corporation.
  • The City of London Corporation is headed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, currently Alan Yerrow.
  • The population of Greater London is estimated at 8.6 million people!
  • The total length of the London Underground network is 250 miles (= ca. 402 km!).
  • The first Tube tunnel was opened in 1880.
  • The City of London is one of the worlds most important financial centers.
  • 20% of the world’s foreign equity market is listed in London.
  • $2.7 trillion(!!!!) of foreign exchange turnover each day! This is 41% of global foreign exchange.
  • There are more American banks in London than in New York.
  • There are 251 foreign banks in London.
  • Each year estimated 14 million people visit London!
  • There are more than 300 languages spoken in London, more than in any other city in the world.
  • London has over 170 museums with 11 national museums.
  • Three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are in London and 857 art galleries in total.
  • Around 250 festivals take place in London every year including Europe’s biggest street festival (The Notting Hill Carnival) which attracts near 1 million people.

I can go on for hours summing up facts about London, there are just too many! For more fun and strange facts about London please click here.

There are just two other facts I would like to share with you…..
If you don’t like the food in London and you are craving for some Dutch traditional foods, there is just one place to get it! London has one traditional Dutch pub called De Hems, located next to Chinatown. There they serve “bitterballen, “frikandellen” and “speciaalbier” (crafted beers) and watch the Dutch football matches. Besides the “bitterballen” this pub is really fun if you want to meet other Dutch people who work and live here in London, to listen to their experiences and share stories.

If you are a big rugby fan, then is England your place to go this month!
During the months September and October, England is hosting the World Cup Rugby and people are crazy about it!
The final will be held at Twickenham Stadion in London on Saturday 31 October.
I already watched a couple of matches including Wales vs England and I can say: It’s is a great sport!
If you are unfamiliar with rugby, this is fine! I didn’t understand the rules of the game either, but please watch this video of the highlights of the match Wales vs England.
In the next few weeks I will post more about the World Cup Rugby (who is playing, rules, etc) to make the sport more common for all of you.

Hope you enjoyed my post! Next time I will tell you more about my experiences in London!




Welcome to my blog

bnp_welcome_2Welcome to my blog! Yes you guessed it right, this is my first blog ever!

Please visit the page “Over mij” to read more about me.

In the next weeks, months, years, decades and if possible.. centuries. You can read all of my blogs about my life in London and all of the things that have my interest.

Please visit my blog once in a while!